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C Programming 101

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This course makes it easier to understand difficult concepts like pointers and memory management while you get to work on more than 15 projects. These projects introduce you to a variety of concepts such as PDF generation, ciphers, regular expressions, OCR and text to speech. Learn more

How it works


Start a project

Choose one from the ones listed in your dashboard. Difficulty levels vary from easy to advanced.


Learn what is needed

Learn new concepts and various topics on the fly and work on the project step by step.


Complete the project

Complete the project step by step. We're always a button away whenever you need help.



Keep working on new projects - choose one from our list, or build one on your own. #LearnByDoing


We get you, really!

All our projects are completely guided and can be completed by anyone who is new to programming. Don't worry about whether you are ready to do a project. Just start one and you'll learn the required concepts on the fly.


Don't worry about breaking things!

Everyone makes mistakes, but that should not hold you back from even trying. Even we made a lot of mistakes when we started our careers (and we still do BTW). So go ahead and try out things. We will help you understand and rectify the errors.

Interview prep & traditional learning

Just want to prepare for interviews?

Have an interview scheduled for sometime soon? Learnt programming long ago and want to brush up skills? That's why we created separate Interview Questions and Chapters section where you can practice problems and learn concepts like in traditional classroom setting.

Warp speed, full ahead

Stand out from the crowd

Strengthen your profile to reach your dream job or university by working on real projects. Build projects on your own, be it a hobby project or a full-blown startup. Get featured on our website and get noticed. Need to chat with us? Be it a small mock interview, or a complex code review, we are always available for a quick chat :)

Code from Day 1

Our courses are designed in a way that you write your first line of code within 5 minutes.

Practice. Practice. More Practice.

Each course has more than 150 coding exercises that give you a ton of practice.

Dedicated mentors

Once you buy a course, you will be assigned a dedicated mentor to help you out if you need us.