Real & Interesting Projects

This course makes it easier to understand difficult concepts and helps you apply those concepts in more than 15 projects. These projects introduce you to variety of concepts such as PDF generation, ciphers, regular expressions, OCR and text to speech through the best open source packages in C, that are widely used in the industry.

End-to-end learning

This course starts from scratch but doesn’t stop just with the basics. It contains pictorial description for every concept, more than 100 challenges and 60 commonly asked interview questions. You also get a designated mentor to answer any questions you have, review your resume and help you build your profile.

What you will work on

15+ Projects!

All our projects are completely guided and can be completed by anyone who is new to programming. Don't worry about whether you are ready to do a project. Just start one and you'll learn the required concepts on the fly.

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Audiobook generator

Given an image, convert it into an audio book

Key substitution cipher

Encrypt messages using a code name

Applied linkedlists

Apply your knowledge of linked lists to solve interview questions

Array stats

Practice manipulating values in arrays

Interview prep

Just want to prepare for interviews?

Have an interview scheduled for sometime soon? That's why we created a separate Interview Prep section where you can practice frequently asked problems in C in 10 different categories. We're just a button away in case you need us. Also, get free career guidance when you purchase this course.

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Traditional learning

Want to take a structured course?

Want to ace that exam you have this semester? Learnt programming long ago and want to brush up skills? That's why we created separate Chapters section where you can learn concepts like in traditional classroom setting and immediately code and practice again and again unlike the traditional classroom setting!

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Learn about where variables are stored in detail

File handling

Learn to create, access and use text files from your program

How it works


Start a project

Choose one from the ones listed in your dashboard. Difficulty levels vary from easy to advanced.


Learn what is needed

Learn new concepts and various topics on the fly and work on the project step by step.


Complete the project

Complete the project step by step. We're always a button away whenever you need help.



Keep working on new projects - choose one from our list, or build one on your own. #LearnByDoing

Free trial

Free trial has 2 projects, 12 interview questions and 7 chapters - you can learn a great deal!

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