Why did you build one more site to teach programming?

We believe the best way to learn any skill (not just programming) is by working on something that you want to build. We have built Crash Course with that in mind. We agree there are quite a few websites out there. But this is what we promise:

  • You will not get stuck in the middle while learning something
  • You will work on projects that are fun to build and add strength to your profile
  • You will practise coding as soon as you learn a concept right here
  • You can reach us anytime for any help related to what you are learning.

How do you come up with these projects?

We curate projects ourselves based on inputs from experts in each field. Each project is designed to help you understand a concept and serve as a building block for you to experiment with. You get to work on a variety of projects involving multiple open source projects within a short span of time. Once you find what you like we can help you dive deep into that specific field.

Should I have prior programming experience to work on these projects?

No. All our projects are beginner friendly. You can find all prerequisite material required to complete the project within this site itself.

Will this help me in preparing for job interviews?

Completing our projects in each course will help you build a strong profile for job roles related to that course. In case you are preparing for interviews you can also practise commonly asked interview questions in our site.

Will I get a certificate after completing a course?


What else do I get when I purchase the course?

Each course provides you access to the following for one year:

  • All projects available under the course
  • All materials required to learn and complete those projects from scratch
  • Commonly asked interview questions for that specific course
  • A mentor to help you whenever you get stuck, do CV reviews, explain difficult
  • concepts and answer any questions related to that course
  • An opportunity to showcase your work by getting featured in our blog

How much does it cost to take a course?

Cost varies based on the course you take. But all our courses have a free trial which provides you access to some basic material to help you evaluate our product.

Is there any discount for students?

We price our courses at a reasonable rate, and are a lot cheaper when compared with other alternatives. However, since we believe that financial hardship shouldn't stop you from learning and pursuing your dreams, we do have a few merit-based scholarships for students.

Requirements for the scholarship are:

  • Complete the entire free trial of the course for which you want the scholarhip
  • Send an email to hello@crashcourse.io with some proof of student status

Scholarship decisions will be made based on your learning activity in the course and the availability.

Do you conduct classroom training?

Yes we do. Drop a mail to bootcamps@crashcourse.io with your requirements and we will get back in 24 hours.

I read somewhere that I can get featured. What is it?

We do feature interesting projects done by our users in our blog. Once you purchase a course and complete a project, you can extend it in your own way and apply to get featured.

What are the requirements for getting featured?

  • You should be a paid customer of Crash Course; and
  • You should have extended a project available in Crash Course in a non-trivial way

Can I extend a project available in free trial and get featured?

Unfortunately No. Before getting featured, we do a code review of your project. Post that we help you revise, edit and proofread your drafts to make sure it delivers maximum value to our readers. All this takes effort and right now we cannot afford to do this for all users in free trial.

How can I reach you?

You can reach us in the following manner:

Still have questions?

Write to us at hello@crashcourse.io.